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Thread: The Country Under my Skin

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    Default The Country Under my Skin

    by Giaconda Belli, anyone read it? Got a synopsis or comments?

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    Default Re: The Country Under my Skin

    I read it a while back and liked it. A commentary by someone involved with the revolution and the players involved....including personal visits with Castro.

    The book was pretty self serving and implied that the end of the revolution with Ortega in charge was NOT of the authors liking.

    She ended up married to a Gringo and living in California.

    Her patriotism was suspect (to me). I seem to remember thinking that she was really just a spoiled brat championing a trendy cause.

    More info here:
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Default Re: The Country Under my Skin

    Read it a while back. She seemed to be self serving, but I found much of it fascinating and informative from her insiders point of view. She did give up on an affluent old family lifestyle to participate in the revolution and her life was at risk a few times. Seems she became disenfranchised when she realized "The Boys" were not really interested in her ideals nor would they let her play in the game on her terms. She eventually decided to bag it, become part of the bourgeoisie and lives between California and Managua.

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