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Thread: The Naturalist in Nicaragua

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    Default The Naturalist in Nicaragua

    Free from Google Books as a public domain work, this was written by Thomas Belt after his late nineteenth century journey to the Atlantic coast of Nicaragua. I have only gotten through the first hundred or so pages. He spends a lot of time describing intricate details about things like army ants. But it's interesting to read to compare then and now, and to go back in time on a unique journey.

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    Default Re: The Naturalist in Nicaragua

    Read it...liked it....nice period piece.
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    I too have read it and liked it. My thought was at the time not a whole lot has changed in the 150years or so, I just can't remember how long exactly. Gold mining, exploring the interior and the waterways, travel from town to town as well as the mode of transportation IE. mule and horse back. Exploiting migrant workers, stereotypical prejudices. The acquisition of pre Columbian art. The description of land utilization. Theoretical geological changes where lands formed and water was once and disappeared over time which has been proved true of late. Bolt's depiction of the various regions and associated climate as well to rain fall fluctuation.The depiction of superstitions and local folklore. How some of the many celebrations were and are celebrated. Aside from the use of modern mortised vehicles and the bow and arrow that have been replaced by AK-47s very very little has changed. All and all a very intriguing read for me minus 3/4 of anthropology rants of coarse.
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