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Thread: Art By Stella Sidi

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    Default Art By Stella Sidi

    A couple of pieces on display at my favorite art Gallery, the Recoleta Culture Center

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    Default Re: Art By Stella Sidi

    Beautiful like her too much already!

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    Default Re: Art By Stella Sidi

    I am being quite serious when I say that is the best painted (drawn) art I have seen, without a doubt.
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    Default Re: Art By Stella Sidi

    The first woman with the perfect single breast and delicately rounded, small shoulder has some kind of serious creeping vaginal infection, as I see it, either that or she's been run over by a highway of microscopic life grown macroscopic, weaving her womb into the web of life.

    The second woman has rather involved relationship problems, IMO. But don't we all? (Though perhaps, not so many at once.)

    (Thanks Dan. Just funnin' through your virtual art museum. __ It's nice to see, seated.)
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