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    does anyone have any insight on Jason Puracal, his conviction and sentence?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gouch View Post
    does anyone have any insight on Jason Puracal, his conviction and sentence?
    Ah yes. Jason Puracal, the new Eric Volz. Nothing to add in terms of insight, however.

    I see Eric Volz is now in Wikipedia and his book has been published.
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    I have been keeping up with Jason's story though the news, facebook page and website. Kinda strange story, but I don't know anything aboud SJDS so no idea of any background info.

    Innocent or Guilty I would say he is screwed. I think the whole Volz thing left a bad taste in some people's mouths and this is not helping Jason's any. I doubt he will stay in jail long because honestly it is more trouble than it is worth, who wants all the bad press about horrific prison conditions, it's bad for business.
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    I did buy a lot in SJDS from his partners at Remax, who moved back to the US before his arrest. I did meet Jason and have talked to him on a couple of occasions about a year before the trouble started. Seemed like a very genuine guy. I know everyone in jail is "innocent" and that there are plenty of truly innocent people locked up everywhere. I have read a lot of "back story's" on Volz and it seemed he may have made a few enemies, which may have not helped his case, but I have not heard any of the same on Jason. It seems the evidence is non-existent, I hope that he will win his appeal based on that.
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