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Thread: The Apoyo Cultural Center associates check-in thread Part Two

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    Default The Apoyo Cultural Center associates check-in thread Part Two

    This time, posts are moderated so those just wanting attention won't be visible. Cookshoe, get that matrix ready...

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    Default Re: The Apoyo Cultural Center associates check-in thread

    I'm not even going to argue with anyone here. The whole fiasco is exhausting and confusing - even for those of us involved in the entire situation. Once you get so many competing pieces of information, one has to ask oneself "what is the truth?" What I don't understand is why has it nearly six years now...for a court to look at a document and figure out who has rightful ownership of the land and property? I guess this is a difference between the Nica legal system and U.S. legal system. Actually, the U.S. system is pretty slow too, but the longer this whole issue drags out, the deeper the animosity between the two men becomes.

    I like the suggestion that if Dr. McCrary or Dr. McKaye would like to post about interesting events, exhibits, volunteer opportunities, then they could continue to use this forum. After all, one of the things that attracted me to this site is that it occasionally highlights "going-ons" around Nicaragua. I am not going to post in favor of either party anymore. They can speak for themselves. I did get another good suggestion today....I'm currently on bed rest so maybe I should get Cool Hand Luke and see a classic today.

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    Default Re: The Apoyo Cultural Center associates check-in thread

    Hi! I just saw this thread, sorry dont have too much time to be on here, I wish I had more time to banter with you all and discuss the Apoyo Cultural Center. I would love to discuss any matter relating to the Center with anyone in person or if you have specific questions I can answer them here. Just stick with me if I dont respond right away.

    My name is Lara Mckaye - I am the Director of the Apoyo Cultural Center and oversee the following: The Art Gallery, The Spanish School, The Biological Station, and what I focus the most on and what is my passion is the Volunteer Program. I came to Nicaragua when I was 3 months old and was raised in the Laguna de Apoyo, I went back to Maryland for my education and because my Dad was teaching at the University of Maryland. I am now back permanently, living in Nicaragua and loving it.

    Hsimon - is a close friend who has become very involved in the art gallery, he has more time so he normally posts upcoming events.

    Fishbiologist - is my Father Dr. Mckaye who has been told by lawyers not to respond in public forums, He has been in Nicaragua since 1972 and is passionate about his work here. If you have specific questions about anything biology specific adress it to him personally.

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    Default Re: The Apoyo Cultural Center associates check-in thread Part Two

    Well I guess since my sister has checked in, I will also check in! I am running our scuba program and a separate research facility in Laguna de Xiloa, just outside of Managua.

    I grew up here in Nicaragua in both Laguna de Apoyo and Laguna de Xiloa. My dad taught me scuba diving when I was 9 years old and I have been hooked ever since. About 4 years ago I became a PADI instructor and since then I have trained or helped train hundreds of students. For 2 years I was also in charge of running a highly successful SCUBA summer camp program for kids ages 9-15 in the Washington DC area.

    I feel that Nicaragua has a lot of undiscovered potential. The volcanic crater lakes are an aquatic Galapagos with many species of fish that are unique to each individual lake. Xiloa and Apoyo are both easily accessible and are a great place to learn to dive. I made a post about my experience diving in Nicaragua but it seems that no one can see it. Maybe I will repost it here.

    If anyone has any questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

    In Xiloa, I'm in charge of running a research station that hosts scientists from around the world that study everything from things that fly to things that swim. One of the projects in Xiloa even includes a long term NSF funded study.

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