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Hi! I just saw this thread, sorry dont have too much time to be on here, I wish I had more time to banter with you all and discuss the Apoyo Cultural Center. I would love to discuss any matter relating to the Center with anyone in person or if you have specific questions I can answer them here. Just stick with me if I dont respond right away.

My name is Lara Mckaye - I am the Director of the Apoyo Cultural Center and oversee the following: The Art Gallery, The Spanish School, The Biological Station, and what I focus the most on and what is my passion is the Volunteer Program. I came to Nicaragua when I was 3 months old and was raised in the Laguna de Apoyo, I went back to Maryland for my education and because my Dad was teaching at the University of Maryland. I am now back permanently, living in Nicaragua and loving it.

Hsimon - is a close friend who has become very involved in the art gallery, he has more time so he normally posts upcoming events.

Fishbiologist - is my Father Dr. Mckaye who has been told by lawyers not to respond in public forums, He has been in Nicaragua since 1972 and is passionate about his work here. If you have specific questions about anything biology specific adress it to him personally.

I've written my friend who's retired from Virginia Tech as to whom I should go fishing with. Haven't heard from him yet. I'd like someone who has connections for getting things ID'ed and who could get my friend any samples of his study species (Mangrove Killie) that show up in Nicaragua, but walking into a fight between the guys doesn't strike me as useful to me. Here's what I know about them.

McCrary -- younger guy (estimate mid forties) born in Tennessee, Ph.D., first name Jeffrey -- now manager of Estación-Biológica Laguna de Apoyo, which appears to be run as a collective. This institution is strictly focused on nature except for the Spanish language classes -- accomodations are rough but reasonably priced ($14 or $15 a night with shared baths and including breakfast). I stayed here one night with a friend and my cocker spaniel.

Mckaye -- older guy, now owner of the Apoyo Cultural Center and research facilities. First name is Ken. Has also worked with cichlids of Lake Malawi.

Both places offer scuba classes and Spanish lessons. Jeffrey and his organization also offer bird guides ($10 for a dawn guiding session of about two or three hours). Apoyo Cultural Center offers art shows, perhaps better accommodations.

Google shows both guys as having publications as ichthyologists, some as co-authors. McCrary seems to have more showing up on Google (Google searches are not authoritative for scientific papers). He also has a sweater I left in his car that I'd like back eventually.