Hola all, I need help from folks in Granada. The once a month Finca market in Granada was successful this year, and I want to make sure it's twice as successful next year sooooo....I'm looking for specific vendors and would love some contact help from those of y'all living in Granada.

The market needs a yeast bread vendor, something made from scratch and high quality. I'm looking for contact info, an email or a phone number, from some store or individual who is interested in having a table at the once a month market held at La Bocona Hotel.

The market also needs a good cheese vendor. Anyone have any contact info for someone in Granada, or the outlaying areas, that makes good cheese?

Finally, we desperately need a gourmet veggie vendor. I'm not looking for the regular local stuff, plantains and the like, what I have in mind is a table with a few kinds of specialty lettuce, good maters, cucs, squash, etc. Big Wave Dave in SJDS has a gorgeous selection of goodies that he brings back from Managua every week to sell at the market held in SJDS. I would love to have a table like that at the market in Granada, but don't know of anyone who goes to Managua regularly from Granada. Anyone know of anybody who would like to pick up veggies at the Mayoreo mercado to resell for a profit during the once a month Finca Market?

I will do all the work contacting and setting folks up, I just need some starter help with the right people. Either respond to this post or call me, Melissa, at 8-367-8252 (claro). Thanks in advance for anything y'all can do!