David Gullette, a long time visitor to Nicaragua and vice president of the Newton/San Juan del Sur Sister City Project, has written his first novel about Nicaragua, set in San Juan del Sur.

Read chapter 1: http://www.nicaraguadispatch.com/com...a-a-novel/1702

David Gullette is a Boston-based poet, teacher and activist, who has been visiting—and writing about—Nicaragua since the late ’80s. His book Nicaraguan Peasant Poets from Solentiname tells the story of Ernesto Cardenal’s “Christian base community” on the Solentiname islands in Lake Nicaragua in the 1970s and how these previously-illiterate campesinos became painters, poets and revolutionaries. ¡GASPAR! A Spanish Poet/Priest in the Nicaraguan Revolution tells the story of a Spanish missionary, Gaspar Garcia Laviana, who went from being the parish priest in San Juan del Sur to becoming a Sandinista Comandante in the struggle to overthrow Somoza (Gaspar died in combat months before the revolution triumphed). Dreaming Nicaragua is Gullette’s first novel. He’s also Vice President of the Newton/San Juan del Sur Sister City Project (www.newtonsanjuan.org); his specialties are in the area of Appropriate Technology—water purification, smoke-free cookstoves, composting toilets, and “green” construction materials. He can be reached at david.gullette@simmons.edu. For information on how to order the book, visit www.fenwaypress.com