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Thread: 300,000 Nicas with diabetes

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    Default 300,000 Nicas with diabetes

    6% of the nicaragüense population has diabetes. A bit more than 300,000 people.

    If authorities do not create a plan of prevention these numbers could duplicate in few years.

    Doctors Hugo Villarreal and María Lucía Areas talked about the numbers affecting Nicaragua and said that money needs to be invested to make people more aware.

    Just in the past few years the death rate has risen from 16.23 deaths per 100,000 people, to 18.98 deaths per 100,000 people.

    The areas that have the higher numbers of diabetes are of Masaya, Managua and Granada.

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    Yesterday was Diabetes Awareness day, and MINSA brought attention to the fact that Daily there is 1 amputee in the country per day, related to this disease.

    They are also now saying that 8% of the population has the disease, about 400,000 people.

    This is infact the 3rd leading cause of deaths in Nicaragua, 19 deaths to 100,000 people.

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    Default i wonder why...

    i thought the disease was more prevalent in obese societies, like usa?
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    I think promoting awareness in a place like Nicaragua is a joke. Let's just assume that everyone in the country was aware of the condition, or that 100% of all the diabetics were diagnosed. Then what? Even if it is Type II diabetes that is still early enough to control with diet, how many will have the dietary options to control it? They will first need to eliminate a lot of the fats and other bad foods that make weight a problem, and they will need to drastically reduce simple carbohydrates such as rice, white bread, cooked carrots, potatoes (and many other tubers), and fruits. How many can make these kinds of changes? And diet doesn't always control it. Does anyone know how much the average diabetic (not controlled by diet) spends on medication to control it? I can tell you personally that it is between $5 and $10 (US) per day, depending on the drugs being used, whether or not insulin is required, and the number of times per day that blood sugar needs to be tested. What fraction of the diabetics in Nicaragua can afford that? It is very similar to cancer. If you don't have the means to treat it, then what's the point in awareness?

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