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    Taken from Marlies forum..."Big Corn Island"

    Feb. 20, 2012
    Radio Likkle I `The Voice of the Sun' has been built from the ground up for over two years now by the community of Little Corn Island, in Nicaragua's Caribbean Coast along with the Radio Carib Community Network (RCCN).
    Since December 2011 this community radio station has been open currently broadcasting on the internet and providing free internet access to radio members. The radio station acts as a hub for people in the community to use the computers/internet and learn about broadcasting, since our open there have been two successful training sessions. These basic services mean a lot to the remote Creole community of Little Corn Island, and will be expanded on in the near future.
    We would like your help to get the word out about our internet broadcast by including us in your business's website. We are not asking for a whole lot of space on your websites to talk about too many details about the radio station, but to simply tell possible visitors; To listen to Radio Likkle I, Little Corn Islands Community Radio. & add our direct link to listen to the radio;
    If you wish to give more information and links for more details on Radio Likkle I `The Voice of the Sun' please use and promote our main web address: For interviews with the current Director of Radio Likkle I or to contact about more information please call, Thomas Pruett 505 8406 9980 or email:
    Additional web material to review or promote;
    Search on YouTube: Radio Likkle I to view our videos on Google: Radio Likkle I to view all other web materials
    Thank You for Your Time and Consideration,
    Thomas Pruett
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