There is an older man (early 70's I would say) that comes by every week -10 days for plantain. I have been told by many that his entire diet consist of fish and plantain and I don't doubt it because anytime I run into him he is either on his way to my house or to look fish. Anyway whatever his diet is it is working for him because he rides his bike all over the Island and looks great.

This guy makes my day everytime he shows up, when I hear him call I automatically smile. Yesterday he came by, "oh my" he said look how your chicks have grown, then he saw the pig "oh, what a beautiful little pig". His father farmed here on the Island and he is always sharing some of stories from the "older heads" (elders). He was telling me that his father used to feed his pigs the cassava leaves, when I told him I had been doing the same he could not believe it, he said no one would believe him that it was good feed (I had read about it on the internet, not figured it out on my own).

I wish I could put together 50 Islanders in that age group and just hear about the old days, so much of the way they lived has already been lost. People are amazed when I say I made lime or soursop leaf tea, and the first thing they almost always say is "we used to drink that all the time", no one does anymore, right now I am drinking a cold glass of lemon grass (called fever grass here) tea. Even talking to Islanders my age is amazing when they talk about being kids during the revolution, brushing their teeth with salt or anything else they could find or eating the dreaded black beans that Fidel would send.

The culture really is slipping away, maybe 2 more generations, maybe not that long and the only thing anyone will remember is August 27th and the Crab Soup Festival. The only constant is change I guess.