Hey fishermen, especially you, cigar-making pinolero (¿estas por aca?) - ever heard of fishing with you bare hands? Heartland gringos -- mostly Okies, hillbillies from the Ozarks and assorted rednecks -- catch these huge catfish, 40 lbs +, just using their fist or foot. It's called noodling among other things.

Here are some pix

Or check out these videos (apologies for the friggin' ads). It includes one of a team of New York rednecks catching a 70 lb flathead with one beefy guy's foot.

Last I heard it was only illegal in Missouri ($1000 fine). That don't stop 'em, see Noodlers Anonymous .

Allow me to tag on some appropriate words of wisdom:
"That man is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest." - H D Thoreau, an original American dropout.