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Thread: Dream Job

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    I know certain times of the year are better for (some) fishing than others. Just wondering about early-to-mid November time frame - right after rainy season. I am typically in country about that time every year and some of us like to spend a few extra days being tourists and seeing more of the country.

    This year we are going back to Pearl Lagoon for a few nights, but one of these years I'd want to try to talk some folks into a fishing trip. I saw there is the Hotel Casares that some of our less adventuresome folks could stay and watch the surf. Some of them would be hard pressed to get into a panga to do some fishing, but I'd like to suggest a guided fishing trip.

    I know that's a long way off, but send me a message with some info and I'll pass it along.

    P.S. - I'd like to open it up to a little cigar enjoyment also, but may have to see how that works out. Some are insistent about no tobacco/alcohol use while in country.
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