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Thread: Visiting San Francisco, California

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    Default Visiting San Francisco, California

    Here we are in San Francisco, California visiting as tourists. The air always cool and crisp felt great in comparason to that soaring heat from Chinandega, Nicaragua. We missed the 75th anniversary celebration of the Golden Gate Bridge by one day ! We left San Francisco on the 26th of May and the party for the bridge was for the 27th of May. What luck ! Anyway we had a wonderful time and hoping to return again soon.
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    I love it down there. Spent the week of my 49th birthday there and walked across the bridge.

    My walk started from where you are holding your son with the bridge in the background. Only hassle is all the bikes racing by.. you could get hit by a bike and they are sort of rude ringing their bells for you to get out of there way.,

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    Backslap is the answer...what was the question?

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