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Thread: Man, it's getting warm

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    Default Man, it's getting warm

    Ohio last night! 100 (F) outside and 90 inside. Maybe I ought to think about getting AC.
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    Quote Originally Posted by StickMan View Post
    Ohio last night! 100 (F) outside and 90 inside. Maybe I ought to think about getting AC.
    Past due my friend. It feels freezing in my home with A/C set at 90 degrees when I make entry from the outdoors.

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    Default Re: Man, it's getting warm

    We have been having an unseasonbly cool summer in the Pacific Northwest. Everyone has been going around asking when summer is going to really start. This weekend it is supposed to heat up (90 or so), but until now it has been cool and wet. I have been to some hot places and although I have been wanting it to warm up, I have not wanted what is happening around the rest of the country. There have been numerous fatalities related to the heat throughout the country so I guess we are lucky here.

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