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Thread: Closed Embassies Nica Dispatch, Calihan

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    Default Closed Embassies Nica Dispatch, Calihan

    In this Nicaragua Dispatch report Former Ambassador Callahan sites a host of European embasise closing.

    I pointed out that most of the European embassies had closed and that we were among the few democratic donor nations still active in Nicaragua.


    I tried to find a list but could not find such by a simple google search.

    Does anyone know to which embassies he refers?
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    Default Re: Closed Embassies Nica Dispatch, Calihan

    Never seen a list, been going on for the past 5 years or so, quietly. Some Countries (Germany being a big one) are still here but have seriously cut back their budgets.

    I don't think it is so much a Nica thing as a poor World economy. Many of the Countries that pulled out also closed other embassies around the World.
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    Default Re: Closed Embassies Nica Dispatch, Calihan

    Scandanavian Countries as well...
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