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Thread: Nicaraguan Warriors Kicked Butt!

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    Default Nicaraguan Warriors Kicked Butt!

    Final score from today's championship game was Nicaragua 32 and Costa Rica 7. Woo hoo!! More American style football tomorrow. Nicaragua plays against Honduras around 12. Football ain't football without good tailgating food, so I made up rolls today, and will be taking a dozen roast beef sliders along to the game. First come, first serve. Beers in the Cranshaw Stadium are only 20 cords each. Are you ready for some football???

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    Good for you Melissa, good for you. Good for the Guerreros.

    I wonder if they are still wearing the jerseys I made for them 3 years ago. They are good guys and they play so tough and in rough conditions. Folks don't realize that they have to pay for everything they use, it is an expensive sport to participate in down in CA.

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    Dios es Amor!

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