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Thread: Choking the chicken Part 2

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    Default Choking the chicken Part 2

    First, thank you Cookshow for the title..

    The only bad aspect of my Corn Island trip was...The Chickens and the two white guys that have who are trying to be the Tyson of Corn Island..
    They raced to see who could get the Blue Ribbon from the magazine Chicken Coop Monthly; for best coop on an island...then buying...or trapping wild roosters ..all to save a few $C on one has made the decision that raising the MEAT chickens is better

    Actually, my problem isn't with's the damn Roosters...Now if you have the image of the rooster on a box of Corn Flakes, smiling against a background of a rising sun...That is NOT a Corn Island Rooster...

    I stayed in a backbedroom just a few meters from the new coop...and exactly at 2AM, there is a faint crowing by another rooster somewhere ...100's of meters away...Instantly answered by the rooster outside my window!!...then again at 3 AM, 4AM, 5AM...hell, got up and made coffee. At sun rise..they stopped..probably sleeping as they had a long night

    Next day Kevin confirmed "yea, that's a problem"....Kev, weren't you posting about dogs baking all night??

    Noise Pollution...Corn Island Style

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    Default Re: Choking the chicken Part 2

    Just for spite sometimes, I keep 'em (the Roosters) playing revelie all night long.

    They are so easy to fool just after dark, all ya have to do is make very rough rooster impression call out to 'em and it runs through the whole neighborhood and on into the netherlands as far as the cocanut telegraph runs; which as I percieve it, knows no boundaries....
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    Default Re: Choking the chicken Part 2

    One design feature of my coop is that I placed it as far away from my house as I could and keep it protected. They really do start crowing around 2am, it's crazy. When I wake in the night I lay there a few minutes and if I don't hear a rooster anywhere I can bet that it is before 2am, if I hear crowing I have to look at the phone to verify the time.

    One of my roosters is up for sale right now, will soon be back to just one.
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    Default Re: Choking the chicken Part 2

    Pete sounds like the star of Green Acres.

    You could be in the big city listening to,the sounds of vehicles, trains, gun shots and screaming.

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