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    Default San carlos sport fishing


    Special Pricingon all inclusive fishing trip package 2013
    ( Offer valid for months of January, February, March, April, May 2013)
    Amazing Picture showing what Giant Tarpon 100lb ...200lb +
    can do to a Rapala Super Shad Rap SSR 14*

    *Note I have an amazing colection of Destroyed Lures... Yes Rapalas are good but VERY VERY WEEK ON TARPON since long we change all Triple hooks of Lures the Original Rapala VMC do not stand our Tarpon.. We generaly fish Spining (Penn Battle 6000 are very good reels...) with Braided line 20lb.. 40lb
    Leader 125lb... If Fly we do not go down from #12...

    I still have availability in some weeks but It’s time to make ( or confirm ) Reservation
    for 2013 High Season January, February, March, April, May ...

    E mail for availability
    All inclusive Package N6 6 days 5nights $1975 (2 Guest Aboard) $1700 (3 guests aboard)
    All inclusive Package N8 8 days 7nights $2575 (2 Guest Aboard) $2150 (3 Guest Aboard)
    GRAN SLAM SPECIAL Package on 11days Solentiname and all Rio San Juan Going through wild life reserves and National parks ending of fishing at Caribbean sea $ 3200 (2 Guest Aboard) $ 2750 (3 Guest Aboard) Return at Managua at end of trip is by airplane…

    Pricing is per person 2 or 3 Anglers sharing the boat with arriving Managua Nicaragua

    Fishing is World Class for Tarpon, 90lb-200lb+ , Snook, Rainbow bass…

    Fishing is in Optimum condition on Quiet Fresh water Jungle Rivers:San Juan River,
    Laguna de Perlas, Rio Grande de Matagalpa, Laguna Top Knots, Karawala,

    Fish are present all year round,
    We fish Catch and release, IGFA Rules,
    Conventional and Fly fishing in Quiet fresh water

    >> Best time of the year for Tarpon and Snook: August September, October, November,
    December and all beginning of the year till end of April.. Only Avoid May and June

    Fishing is in Rio Frio, Nicaragua Lake Cocibolca including Solentiname Archipelago, San Juan River/ Rio San Juan 120 miles long... We fish all the river till the Caribean sea… ( Medio Quesso Santa few, Saballo, El Castillo…. San Juan de Nicaragua..)
    We also organize especial expedition on Nicaragua Caribbean Coast Laguna de Perlas, Karawala, Rio Grande de Matagalpa ... Please consult for best Time E mail

    >> All inclusive Fishing Packages are absolutely all include
    Airport Pickup,Transfers, Lodging, Meals,License & Permit, Fishing Tackles , Discovery...

    - Arrival international Airports of Managua Nicaragua ( or Option San Jose Costa Rica....)
    - Airport Pick up, and return to International airport at end of trip, All internal Transfer Air or Road,
    - Lodging in Double room with Private bathroom, Option Lodging One person per room available
    - All Meals,
    - Fishing / Discovery with your guides available from 5am till 7 PM each day… These are long fishing days... Guest decide time of start and ending... also when you want to take a break..Lodging is always on spots.
    - MTI / INTUR Registered Sportfishing boats, Central T top, Fighting Platform in front, all safety equipment, Cooler with Snacks, Fruits, soft Drinks aboard
    - Two Professional Certified & Licensed Guides on boat (this is necessary for safety due to size of fish), also to warranty a correct Tarpon Release
    - All Professional Tackles also included Conventional 100 sets Spinning, Trolling, Bait casting… Shimano Sustain or Penn
    We use Nylon or Braided line 12lb-50lb . Fly#8 to #14 Brands Sage, Tybor, Billy Pate…
    - Fishing permit and License

    >> Special Pricing on all inclusive fishing trip package Offer valid from now till End of June 2013
    (Pricing is per person 2 or 3 Anglers sharing the same boat arriving in Managua Nicaragua)
    - All inclusive Package N6 6 days 5 nights $1975 (2 Guest Aboard) $ 1700 (3 guests aboard)
    - All inclusive Package N8 8 days 7 nights $ 2575 (2 Guest Aboard) $ 2150 (3 Guest Aboard)
    GRAN SLAM SPECIAL Package on 11days Solentiname and all Rio San Juan Going through wild life reserves and National parks ending of fishing at Caribbean sea $ 3200 (2 Guest Aboard) $ 2750 (3 Guest Aboard)
    Return at Managua at end of trip is by airplane…

    ( Detailed Itinerary of these special offers on request Please EMAIL
    These offers are for Trip from ( nov 2012) till End of June 2013 with arriving in Managua Nicaragua Option available with arrival in San Jose Or Liberia in Costa Rica
    Other all inclusive packages are available on 4 till 12 or more days,
    Party can be from 1 till 12 anglers witch is the maximum of Guests we receive per week

    >> Professional Service since 1998,
    I own the boats and Lodges, Company is fully Registered with INTUR, MTI, INPESCA.. All Licenses up date.
    Fishing is Catch and Release IGFA RULES ( We are also the oficial IGFA Weighting station for Rio San Juan )

    >> Some References :
    FIELDS & STREAMS MAGAZINE 6 Pages Article by Mr. Bill Heavey...
    Welcome to Tarpon Paradise... The civil war is over in Nicaragua...Tarpon unfished for 30 years are hungry and no ones knows....
    And also Sport Fishing Magazine Chris woodward 5 pages Article, Discovery Channel Ciryl Chauquet Fishing Ambasador, La Pesca, Alberta TV, Voyages de Peche, Tico Time, The Sun Newspaper, WFN World Fishing Network, Mary Peachin Reports, Antonio Varcasia, CNN Larry Dahlberg..Etc.....

    >> To Contact us:
    Philippe Tisseaux ( Owner)
    Tel (505) 88 49 06 00 ( 506) 88 42 76 73 E-Mail
    Web Pages


    FISHING REPORT Rio San Juan November and December 2012
    We have relatively swallow water this year … Also few rain… Fishing has been great for snook ( Cola Amarilla 12lb-25lb ) on our spots close by main lodge… Good tarpon fishing also on these same spots and in upper river close by lodge …Big Tarpon 90lb 200lb… Good fishing also in Sabalo and Castillo … Rainbow bass fishing in Solentiname has been very good...
    We received Guests from Canada, Rusia, Usa, Japan, France.. All these trips has been successful… Condition and fishing will be the same from till End of April 2013…..

    >> FISHING REPORT July - September 2012
    Fishing in Rio San Juan , Medio queso, Santa fe, Palo de Arc
    Great Fishing as well for Tarpon and snook…most of the time Close from our Main Lodge …San carlos till Palo de arco Lodge and also some good trip further down .. Poor for Rainbow bass in Solentiname..a lot of fish on light tackles but Only small Rainbow and Mojara…
    1st of October since a few days we host a group of 6 Anglers coming from Russia We report the usual good fishing for
    Tarpon and Snook up river till el Castillo .. a special mention for a 180lb Tarpon released… They are now down river at Caribean sea We report good fishing for tarpon but with also some sea fish as Baracuda, Jacks.. Etc…

    >> 15th of September INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT . San Carlos Sport Fishing did well
    We won ( Jose Varfas ) the absolute all Tackle so he is the CHAMPION 2012 with a 132lb Tarpon
    We are 2D IN SNOOK .. also 2D , 3RD, 4TH, 5THin accumulate weight of snook per boat
    We are 2d in Rainbow Bass
    Best in women Category (4 Snook )·
    86 anglers enter the competition coming from 9 Different Countries

    Note Tournanent is becoming very Important Growing…Growing… .This year on final day there were Two stages, 6 Bands , Big company are now Sponsoring CLARO, INTUR, TONIA Etc.. 50 Journalist…Tv Channels, 5000 persons to watch the prizing Ceremony…

    Philippe Tisseaux (Owner)
    Tel (505) 88 49 06 00 or (506) 88 43 76 73 E-Mail
    To receive more info or my Monthly newsletter upon Nicaragua and Costa Rica Sport Fishing Please E mail at

    Visiting my site at you will find a lot of Techcnical details upon our Amazing Tarpon Fishing on Rio San Juan, Laguna de perla , Karawala in Nicaragua....
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Get it while it's still here; this is not going to last forever.

    Does Jimmy Buffett know about this place?

    Stream Radio Margarataville on your PC:

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