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    This Friday, I went to Chinandega, and I walked around another part of the city until I found a busier looking street that took me to the downtown area. I took some pictures, got some sun, and returned to Leon sapped of energy (more on this later--with photos).

    This Saturday, I went to Corinto, and I walked down the beach in the surf for over an hour before swimming in the ocean with a random group of girls who had been drinking. I got so much sun on the back of my neck, legs, and arms to burn me nicely (more on this later--with photos).

    This Sunday, I took an early bus from Leon to Mateare, met us with Vanessa and her family, and took them all across Managua to Tipitapa to spend the day, night, and half of the next day with her sister's family (Magali, Roger, Julia, and Javier). I went to the circus that night (more on this later--sorry no pictures of the circus).

    Before we left Tipitapa for the long bus ride to Managua, across Managua, and then to Mateare, I told Vanessa that I'd brought her some pink seashells that I'd collected from Corito. Her eyes went wide with shocked horror, and she said, "No, es mala suerte tener algo del mar en tu casa. Trae sal." I'd heard the expression "salado" before--and I'd always understood it to me screwed or doomed or luckless, so I had an idea of what she meant.

    Even so, I replied, "Pero el sal da savor a la comida, asi que es bueno, no?" She just gave me one of her long suffering looks, and she didn't take the shells. "The best laid plans of mice and men..."

    So, I still have the shells, and it turns out I'm salado.
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    Isn't salado salty? Sal is salt? Are you saying there is some colloquial meaning that isn't apparent? Like a sailor is salty, or someone that is tough may be salty as well. Salt that is spread on land will lay it barren.

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    In Nicaraguan folk beliefs, bringing sea shells from the beach is consider a BAD omen.. "salado" or salty in english means having terrible luck, Catholic Monks use a special salt to exorcize demons. Next time you go into a home look behind the door or above the door and you will probably see a crucifix protecting the home of the faithful
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    All this for a flag? Michelle Obama


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