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Thread: A weekend on Ometepe

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    Default A weekend on Ometepe

    I promised my sweetie I'd take her to Ometepe for her birthday. She can only go for the weekend so we will jump on the ferry around noon on Friday and return late on Sunday afternoon.

    I've decided not to bring the car so we will be taking buses and taxis around the island.

    Can anyone recommend a clean, comfortable, QUIET (!) place to stay on the island that's reachable by public transit? Preferably somewhat romantic and in a natural setting, for maybe not much more than around $50 per night?

    Unfortunately we will both be dead-tired by the time we land. What are your recommendations for a few things we can do on Saturday and on Sunday morning that would be easy-going, such as short easy hikes, beaches, accessible miradors, xxx? Any museums or artisanal shops of interest?

    Also, where are the best places to dine?

    Much obliged in advance.

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    Charco Verde is nice, I think we paid $45 a night 4 years ago. A bus can drop you off at the entrance and it is about a 5 minute walk to the hotel. Its got a beach, a lagoon, A/c, restuarant and free kayak rental. Very clean and relaxing. Nothing else to see without tranportation as it a ways from any town, from what I remember.

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