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Thread: For sale: residential/commercial building in Jinotepe

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    Default For sale: residential/commercial building in Jinotepe

    For sale $ 40,000

    A large 220 square meter (2,370 sq. ft.) residential / commercial building in Jinotepe, Carazo.

    The building was designed and constructed as the residence and workshops of an agricultural commodities trader (beans and rice and seeds and such).

    The living space comprises a huge, sunny front parlour / dining room and a patio which includes a pretty garden and porch, and faces onto a municipally-owned, well-tended parkette which nobody uses and is always quiet.

    The commercial part of the building consists of four large storage rooms as well as an indoor parking space that’s large enough to accommodate a good-sized truck.

    Since buying this property I have renovated the storage rooms to bring in more sunlight and make them more suitable as living spaces and bedrooms.

    I will tell you straight-up that I don’t know many expats who would want to buy this house, fix it up and move in.

    For one thing, it is in a gritty part of town.

    For another, there is running water for only about five or six hours a day. You would have to install a water tank and pump to get running water 24 hours a day.

    Thirdly, the layout of the work area part of the building is dark and dominated by the indoor parking space.

    As I said, I have renovated this area somewhat to make it more it more suitable as living space, but it still lacks a few skylights and windows.

    This building will appeal to people who are investors and want a place that will generate rental income, operate a business, and / or sell it after its value has appreciated.

    It would be ideal for people with a few extra bucks to spend and who would like to move in Nicaraguan relatives that would use it as both a residence and a business address that provides a steady source of very good revenue.

    Because of its strategic location and the way it was constructed, the building offers many options for expansion and conversion very cost-effectively, such as apartments, a travelers’ hostel, workshops or bodegas.

    With just a few modifications the front parlour can be extended and subdivided into three large-sized rooms.

    I have upgraded the plumbing and electrical systems to bring them up-to-grade and plenty modern enough to install more washrooms and kitchens very cost-effectively.

    With a further investment of perhaps $15,000 to $20,000, the building could be converted into an apartment block or hostel with seven self-contained, fully-furnished apartments or hostel rooms, each with a separate entrance and three-piece bathroom.

    This building is located less than four blocks from where the public market of Jinotepe is being relocated and less than six blocks from the Pan-American Highway.

    When the public market is opened, there will not be nearly enough space in the immediate area to satisfy the increased demand from businesses that serve the market, especially apartments, workshops and storage rooms for out-of-town merchants and artisans.

    The size of the front parlour is 8.3 x 3.9 meters (350 sq. ft.) The sizes of the other four living spaces / storage rooms are as follows: 7.5 x 3.4 meters (275 sq. ft.), 3.8 x 2.8 (115 sq. ft.), 3.4 x 3.4 (125 sq. ft.), and 3.8 x 3.4 (140 sq. ft.).

    I do have photos but please do not waste my time asking for them unless you are a serious buyer. My internet connection is slow and it is a pain in the ass to upload them.

    Also, I really don’t know what good it will do you to see the photos. As I said, the residential part of the house is very sunny and has a pretty patio and garden, and the work area of the house is dark and needs more light.

    Do you think I would actually send you photos that would contradict what I have told you?

    Nonetheless, if you want to see photos I can share them with you.

    For more information:

    Mario 8425 6767 (Spanish)

    Miguel 8403-5240 (English)

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    Default Re: For sale: residential/commercial building in Jinotepe

    Real estate 101 - Pictures sell...

    But sound interesting...
    Dude !!!.... Its a Canal !!! Can you Dig it ??

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    Default Re: For sale: residential/commercial building in Jinotepe

    Quote Originally Posted by bill_bly_ca View Post
    Real estate 101 - Pictures sell...

    But sound interesting...
    ... Yes a photo is worth 1000 words....
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...

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    Default Re: For sale: residential/commercial building in Jinotepe

    is this still available? please upload pictures to gooogle or some picture hosting site and that way all you have to do is post the links.

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    Default Re: For sale: residential/commercial building in Jinotepe

    This property is still available.

    For loads of pictures and more information (in Spanish) click here.

    my contact information has changed ... it is as follows.

    phone number in Nicaragua is 505 8403-5240 claro.

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