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    Default The Guerreros Head To El Salvador

    American Football In Nicaragua
    -The Guerreros Head To El Salvador

    The Nicaragua Guerreros will travel to San Salvador, El Salvador the first week of September 2013 to compete in the Central American Bowl. This competition marks the beginning of a true Central American conference, and teams from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama will be vying for bragging rights.

    American-style football began in Nicaragua in 2001 with only 15 players. Twelve years later, the team boasts 55 players and the sport is alive and well. Six of the original members are still involved in the league. Coach Eduardo Cordoba was one of the founders of the Guerreros, playing at the fullback position, and now currently juggles coaching, playing, and devoting his weekends to supporting the fledgling children's and women's flag football leagues.

    Eduardo believes that football can be an important part of Nicaragua's future. "My priorities as a coach," he says, "are not only the development of the sport to young Nicaraguans, but to teach teamwork, discipline, and brotherhood on and off the field." Eduardo caught the football bug when he was sixteen years old. "I saw the hits and felt the adrenaline in my body. I didn't understand the plays then, but the helmets and shoulder pads caught my attention." He's been hooked ever since.

    When it comes to motivating the next generation of football players in Nicaragua, Eduardo relies on his own personal motivation in life. "My motivation is God. He puts his strength, spirit, and passion in me." And there is a little pride involved, as well. "I always tell my players," he says, "that they are the first persons making history in a new sport in our country. When we play, representing our country, it is a huge pride to put the name of Nicaragua on the top sports news." The Nicaragua Guerreros currently hold five Central American titles and four National titles.

    During the "off season", the players break up into college teams to continue the sport year-round, hone their skills, and attract new players and interest in American-style football. Competitors this season were the Carazo Thunder, Mad Dawgs, Managua Minotaurs, Gladiators, and the Ave Maria Knights. The Managua Minotaurs claimed the championship of the Nicaraguan League this year.

    Sandro Ortiz, free safety, punter, and kicker, has been playing with the National team for five years, as well as being a member of the Mad Dawgs this season. He was introduced to American-style football six years ago, at the college level. "Before playing football, I was goal keeper in 1st division here in Nicaragua." His soccer experience and speed made him an ideal choice for a special teams player. "It is true that my physical structure is not big, but my contribution to the sport is speed."

    And the fans? "It really is amazing," Sandro says, "to be on the field hearing the fans cheering and supporting the team! It is a unique experience." Eduardo Cordoba agrees. "The fans are great!", he says. "We play for them. They give us extra motivation to play with heart on the field." And while the Guerreros of Nicaragua are made up of a talented and diverse group of men, fans should be on the lookout next season for players like quarterback Rodrigo Pallais (aka Mono), wide receiver Huascal Mena (aka Bluefields), and middle linebacker Gerardo Guerrero (aka Toro). Another way fans can get involved is by supporting their local team with donations. The Guerreros current sponsors are Gatorade, Compañía Cervecera de Nicaragua, Claro, and Multitrans S.A, although many players still must provide their own uniforms. If you would like to find out more about the team and how you can support them, contact Eduardo Cordoba at
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    Do pro teams send scouts into Central America for football players? All the guys picked up for pro baseball teams become instant heros. I've never heard of anyone going pro from CA but I bet it will have a strong impact on the sport when it finally happens.

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    Good deal Melissa, I bet those guys are appreciative of your support for them. I made them their game jerseys and pants in late 2009, I am glad they are still holding up. Good luck to them, it was fun to be around them and see what playing for the love of the game is like, reminded me of things in the US a long time ago.

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