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Thread: Air Ambulances

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    Default Air Ambulances

    Was posting on another thread and thought of this, someone may find it helpful.

    Few years ago a twin engine air ambulance came here to the Island. A week or so later I was at immigration and we started talking about it and the woman gave me one of the brochures they had left, but I have lost or thrown away the info.

    The company was based in Costa Rica and they had "insurance" plans you could get. I remember thinking that the rates were reasonable, of course the rates were for getting you to Costa Rica, sure they would take you to MGA if you wanted.

    I think one big problem with drawing retirees to the Atlantic Coast is healthcare, or the ability to get to it when you need to.
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    Default Re: Air Ambulances

    I used to have a membership to this company, they are a good company. The guy I used to work for owned this company as well. They offer an expatriate plan for those that are living out of country. The US resident membership is like $265 a year, that is a hell of a bargain all things considered.


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