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Thread: For sale: 2007 Mitsubishi L200 truck $8900 no taxes

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    Default For sale: 2007 Mitsubishi L200 truck $8900 no taxes

    TRUCK FOR SALE: 2007 MITSUBISHI L200 (DIESEL) (not 4x4)

    · Approx. 75600 miles. Mostly highway as was used for transportation from Managua to Leon by previous American owner (Renco) while building a hotel.
    · New tires, approx. 3100 miles on them. Complete extra set of tires with ample tread left.
    · New battery January 2014. Spare battery in working condition
    · Gets very decent gas mileage. To be honest my gas tank never gets below ¾ full so hard to calculate an accurate MPG. I can’t recall the number, but it was better mileage than our 2011 CRV.
    · 5 speed standard.
    · Truck alarm, basic but will lock and unlock the door
    · Oil changed frequently, and will be changed again before being sold.
    · Hand polished twice a year. Hand polished again before being sold.
    · Very dependable truck, I have had ZERO issues with it.
    · I was given this advice by the previous owner (Renco) who has resided in Nicaragua for many years---One wants a trustworthy vehicle that has AC and something simple to work on in case the vehicle breaks down. This truck is very basic, dependable and great AC!
    · Since it is a Nicaragua vehicle, no issues of getting it fixed here in the slight chance something does go wrong!
    · Diesel is less $$$ than gas in Nicaragua and sold at all gas stations.
    · Available as early as Mid-April.
    $8900 usd (no taxes)
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