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Thread: House or two apartments for Rent in Jinotega

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    Default House or two apartments for Rent in Jinotega

    My old house in Jinotega on the corner of Calle Yucapuca and the next block from where I am now is for rent again, both sides. Reasonably middle class Nicaraguan neighborhood, has a shared nice backyard between the two houses. Rent per side was $100 US a month when I was living there, but I suspect that they'd be willing to rent the whole house for circa $175 to someone who'd be there for a while. One upgraded power circuit with a true ground and a new sink on the side I used to live on. Closets and two bedrooms on the other side. Funky but good for renting for a year or two while learning Spanish and local customs. Near restaurants, small hotels, gas supply that delivers tanks, walking distance of country side.

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    Please keep us posted as to how long it stays empty. Sounds like a fair price for the right person . .. .the enclosed parking is a real bonus - absolute must if you have a vehicle or plan one for the future.

    I'm meeting with my landlady to sign another lease today . .. I've made several thousand dollars worth of improvements (including appliances and furniture). Most I can take with me with some effort, some, like the paint, I cannot. The house was buggy, filthy and ill-kept when we got it, with the standard Nicaraguan bare bulbs dangling from the ceiling; the courtyard a swampy jungle. You get what you pay for here, perhaps less.

    Ismelda and I have a cordial relationship, but who knows? We have future plans for the house after it's no longer our home. Perhaps a branch of Granada's Puedo Leer, and a small coffee house fashioned after El Gato Negro.. . ..I'll be annoyed, but not surprised, if she tries to cash in on my time, effort and investment. This is, after all, Nicaragua, and aprovechar is much more part of the culture than logic will ever be.

    We're building a shaded 10 x 20 ft deck at the moment that will transition from the rear of the house to the courtyard (they use the word Coredor to describe a deck), and I spec'd it all so I can remove it in pieces if we are forced to leave. We'll probably do much of our summer living there, and I'll cover it with removable sheets of zin transparente once the rains start.

    We've moved our kitchen outside, and had a free standing pantry built for where the stove used to be. With the stove outside, Shelley can bake . .. It felt odd at first, but it has been working very well. The outside kitchen is only a few steps from the former kitchen and visible through a large window. Jayro is building varnished wood surfaces for the stainless shelving that servers as the counters -when he gets to it.

    The former kitchen is still the food preparation area, and food is still stored there. The removal of the heat and odors from the stove, oven and barbecue keeps the house cooler and more pleasant.
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    Default Re: House or two apartments for Rent in Jinotega

    I know this post is over two years old, do you still have any contact with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by methionine View Post
    I know this post is over two years old, do you still have any contact with them?

    If you are talking about the Estelí house I was living in, it was s till available last time I heard

    Landlady was trying to bump the price to $250 but I think that she would take the $200 I was paying.
    Yards are overgrown but could be whacked down.

    I took my water tank with me,, and my outside "street light". LED interior lights are still there.
    YOu will need a water tank come summer,, otherwise you have water 12 hours /day. Now, no problem, but come January . . . .
    I bought the streetlight at PriceSmart for $65.

    It's in So Estelí about 1 KM from the MaxiPali, far enough from the Carretera so you don't get any noise.
    High walls, gated driveway and parking, good neighbors.

    Easy bus and taxi access since it's three blocks from the Rufo Marin stadium, and about a half KM from the CentroSalud.

    I thought it was a good deal for the price.

    Cable internet and Digital TV (since disconnected).
    Both were solid and I remember about $30 month.

    Easy to find, go out of town south, past the Centro de Salud, turn right, turn left before the stadium, go to the end of the street, pink house with white gate

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