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    We were wrong and not where we should of been and ran into the consequences. Picked a buddy up at the airport in MGA around noon on Friday. Bought a few beers to go at the airport. Twelve hours later we were still going at it and were in the discos near the lake. (been said before and knew better, but what the hell when you are 9 feet tall and bulletproof....) While walking from one bar to another 2 punks came at us with rocks and a machete. We put up resistance. I received a hail mary force rock from about 4 feet away in the dead center of my chest and a small machete slash on my back. They had the machete against my buddy's neck when he gave up $60 and a high-end cellphone. That was enough for all and they left.Anyway, aside from our admitted stupidity, it should be noted that I am 6'1" and 200 lbs, my buddy is 6'4" about the same weight. He is in his late 20's and I in my late 30's. We are not easy targets but these dimensions obviously did not phase our attackers in the least. They were motivated by want, youth and huevos. It could have been a lot worse if we were female, a lot older, obese or stupider. Which is why I am admitting our actions. Granada is getting to be more and more dangerous especially if you got a buzz on. Even the main drag between central park and the lake seems to be more infested with aggressive young streetwalkers, drug peddlers and dudes looking to roll drunks than it was 8 years ago.And this is not an isolated incident, as the stories seem to be piling up of violent confrontations, many of which don't get reported out of lost pride and folks not wanting to own up to their poor choices.Anyway, I did it and I got mine. Be careful out there.

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    Don't fight back, you could die. Horsecrap, everyone living among feral humans should learn to fight and win. Every realistic crime advice I read says that.

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