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    To some it is the scourge of the earth - to others it is the centre to which their world revolves - Regardless it is so big it has some useful parts WRT Nica.

    Below are a few links you may know already.

    Please share any links you may have..

    Nicaragua Buy Sell Trade <- Kinda like a rolling Craigs list.. Seems to be Granada centric.

    For Sale Nicaragua <- Like the above but less griogo-ised..

    Nicaraguan & Lodging Tour Operators / Tour Operators and Accommodation <- Closed group for tour operators

    Flash Addicts - Photographic Art Movement in Nicaragua < A Nicaraguan photography group

    NICA Rides - A ride exchange list.

    Nica Translators -> Self explanatory

    Expats in Nicaragua
    <- An Expat discussion group - Recently it disappeared - Whether gone private or just shut I do not know.
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    I like looking at those for sale pages.
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    Thanks!! more places to sell my truck!!

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