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Thread: New product available

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    Default New product available

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    Default Re: New product available

    Dude !!!.... Its a Canal !!! Can you Dig it ??

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    Default Re: New product available

    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonh View Post
    Are they selling franchises yet?

    My end of the country is mostly marijaneros; I'll have to demonstrate use of the product.

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    I had some Blasted "Foot powder" in a sea bag and got off the boat in Colon Panama because I just did not want to continue with a bunch of Drunkin Idiots on a journey to Washington State on a shrimp boat...

    We were going from Florida thru the canal to the Pacific side...

    Hahahahahahaa, when they inspected my bag and found the foot powder, the red flag went up!

    I said "You crazy son of a bitches, now why in the world would I be bringing shit South if it was already up Naath where the good money is?

    Well, one of them took a sniff of it and said... "This is Medicated Foot Powder"
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...

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