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Thread: Affordable Rentals in Rivas

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    Default Affordable Rentals in Rivas

    Hola y'all, helpin' out a friend who now has a few rentals available in Rivas. I'll include some pix and basic info, please direct all questions to Joaquin (who is bilingual) at 8-830-5320. Rent on the private rooms with bath, cable, wifi, and security is $125 per month. There are 3 commercial modules available, as well, $180, $200, and $220 per month, depending upon size.

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    Default Re: Affordable Rentals in Rivas


    That place is nicer than mine.

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    Default Re: Affordable Rentals in Rivas

    I know this is an old thread, but since apartments don't tend to go you happen to know if your friend is still looking for renters? I'm looking at Rivas as my new home base for this next trip.
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