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Thread: Unlock your car with your head

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    Default Unlock your car with your head

    If you ever wanted to unlock your car with the remote key thing, but you're too far away, here's a trick...

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    Default Re: Unlock your car with your head

    Weird science. Since this is the REAL Nicaragua, I tried it. 30 ft away the car unlock without my 'brain'. When I stepped across the street, it was no go with the key alone, but alongside my head it worked! So I tried it pressed up against my gut - nada. (Interference from half-formed turds?)

    Got me thinking about the melon on a dolphin's head use in sonar echolocation. Size & shape must matter.

    The Nottingham guy's explanation was hokey: there are no 'oxygen ions' in water. It's the water molecules' electric dipoles that would resonate with the EM frequency. That's the basis of how a microwave oven works. Agitated water molecules are equivalent to heat. A non-polar substance cannot be heated in a microwave except by contact with something polar.
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    Default Re: Unlock your car with your head

    Does that mean that we are cooking our brains with our cell phones?

    Similar frequencies and concept, eh?
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