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Thread: Sending packages to Nic.

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    Default Sending packages to Nic.

    Heads up, there seems to be a new game. Now if you send a package, such as your twice a year ``family goods`` allowance, the sender or receiver has to go to MGA with ID (passport) and inspect and sign for the package. It can then be shipped to your house per the original contract. I`m midway thru the process (the shipper sent me to the wrong address and then didn`t answer their phone all day as I tried to contact them). I`ll post when I`m done and have my box from hell in my pudgy little hands.

    The key on this is that you need the WAREHOUSE (almacen) address and the name of the contact person. aduanas has 30 warehouses scattered aroung managua and there is no central registrar of every little package carried by freight consolidators. the aduanas offices have nothing to do with this process--the paperwork and the box are in an almacen.

    I imagine if you live on the right coast or around corinto things may be diferent--problem tuyo!

    Needless to say , the value of paying a service to walk your stuff thru customs and deliver it to your house goes way down if you have to go to MGA anyway, and worse if your shipper screws the pooch and you have to go more than once. At this point even if I trusted my forwarder I don`t think it pencils out for somebody who lives in the boonies.

    One of our relatives in US has stopped using the forwarders-- the multiple trips to mga are a pain, even if nothing gets lost or stolen. she now pays the $100 for somebody to carry a 3rd suitcase.

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    Default Re: Sending packages to Nic.

    I have heard from friends on this side that get "care packs" from family in the States that they have been having trouble.
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    Default Re: Sending packages to Nic.


    i just got back from a 15 hour day walking my box thru customs, but I will give you a quicky version.

    I used to send a box by a freight company straight to my house (to the degree they could find my house or I had to go meet them at a gas station). They got it thru customs, no taxes, the boxes not even opened.

    Now--the sender or recipient has to go, spend all day including watching as customs people open the box and itemize everything, then you take their list to aduanas who give it the evil eye and tells you if you owe any tax. I didn`t, they said my calache was only worth $175, well within the $500 limit. However, the $175 was stamped in my passport so obviously they are keeping track.

    >More info later after I bathe, sleep, and dround my sorowes in yerba buena or whatever.

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    Default Re: Sending packages to Nic.

    This class of package is only for household goods--anything that requires a permit from departments other than aduanas ( food, medicine etc., firearms etc, cel phones etc., gas cylinders should not be sent in these packages).

    Many nicaraguans send these as xmas, birthday, or just survival. They may pencil out if the nica abroad lives in miami and the relative lives in MGA because so many things are just so much cheaper and better in the US. The recipient must bring proof of relationship in form of marriage or birth certs. It has nothing to do with Inturs program`. Nowhere on the stuff posted on the wall did it say anything about foreigners, but I went thru with no problems, although I did stick a copy of my cedula on the paperwork. They charge just shy of 500 cords for the entertainment fee of spending a whole day at the warehouse. I had a 10am appt and got through after 4 pm. Some folks with an 11 am appointment were still finishing up on phase one at the warehouse and had to come back the next day.

    Photocopying is available at both the warehouse and at aduanas the aduanas for boat goods is frente Mayoreo. the one for air goods is on the panam just west of the airport, frente entrada carnic.

    Since they stamped something in my passport, I will pay attention next time I fly in and have receipts for anything of consequence. If this jerks me around on a 9pm flaight or makes me come bck the next day it will be a real problem.

    The drill is you stand in line, then go watch them inventory your package, then wait while the inventory gets typed into a compu. then you take that printout to Aduanas and wait while they figure it out. I had to add a photo copy of my passport showing the date when I last entered the country. they give you the paperwork with the total value of the taxable stuff and tax owed if over $500 and you take this back to the warehouse and pay your $20 and have everything stamped in a bunch of windows then you move your vehicle in to get your stuff, show the drivers license and car license number to the warehouse guy.

    Before the new rule of having to go to MGA, i thought these packages were of marginal value because of the shipping cost, mostly for sending heavy things like books and tools, but now even if I have to go to MGA for just one day it is not worth the effort. Most likely my last box.

    Everybody was polite and on task, the offices airconditioned and the only thing stolen was one small knife out of a tool box. I suspect one of the warehouse guys has a new box opener.

    This was a simple box of household junkola with no items on the banned list. One of our relatives lost a $6000 commercial shipment. They will probably prevail because it was declared as commercial and they have proof it was in the warehouse, but 3 months in it has still not been resolved. Not to mention if you lose a commercial shipment you also lose your profits and maybe your customers.

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    Default Re: Sending packages to Nic.

    Has anything changed at the airport as far as accompanied goods in checked luggage is concerned? I'll be making the trip to the Big Country next month sometime. Want to bring back a few things. Also, any problems with mail order through the mail, other than they're being real sticklers for having people paid tax and customs?

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