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    Default misc Nicaragua

    Guard on a Easter Sunday, Granada

    Palo de Mayo, Bluefields


    dumb gringo bought us Cokes, Granada

    a rare Nicaraguan animal, Granada
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    Great pics. Big cokes,, and then they have the envases to turn in for a few cords.

    I just had my cat Pelusa fixed in Estelí; an expensive proposition ($150 including her care for a week),, but I think the guy saw me coming. Norman was only $50, different vet. The Norman vet didn't have a facility to house the cat after the operation, and I wanted her to stay under medical observation for a couple of days after the procedure.

    One good business for a Gringo might be a high quality pet breeding operation. Nicas are really into distinctive dog breeds, and prices for anything that looks purebred are high. This vet sells his puppies for $80 and up. The smaller breedstock would be easy to bring down on a plane.

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    Default Re: misc Nicaragua

    Yes just what Nica needs...more starving dogs!!

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    Default Re: misc Nicaragua

    If they pay for a dog they don`t let it starve, they give it to a neighbor!

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    Default Re: misc Nicaragua

    Quote Originally Posted by el duende grande View Post
    If they pay for a dog they don`t let it starve, they give it to a neighbor!


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