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Thread: Apps - Useful for Nica

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    I just put a new free app on the phone and got to thinking about the ones I've collected for Spanish translation and Nica stuff.

    I normally use the Google Translate, but it requires an internet connection.

    I just installed Word Lens. This is a free program that currently allows you do download the Spanish / English language packet for free. When activated, you look through your screen at what you want to translated and it does it in real time. The company was bought by Google and they are integrating the real time visual translation into Google Translate, hopefully it will continue to work w/o internet and remain free. Works on computer screens also so no more copy / pasting. -

    Duolingo- free Spanish translation word game. Especially good for correct grammar.

    Converter+ is free and has tables for just about everything that can be converted. I use it frequently for currency, it has a built in calculator so it's handy when shopping. It does require an internet connection to update the exchange rate so remember to open it before a trip, but most vendors will still be lagging behind anyways.

    If anyone else has any good recommendations please post them up, Thx.

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    THANK YOU!!! I was just about to post a question regarding this.

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    Default Re: Apps - Useful for Nica

    I just loaded Word Lens, fumbled around with it for a while, and gotta say I'm very impressed. That's a very cool app, that actually works!

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