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    I had a great experience on this last trip back to the US. In Tapachula I had my phone rechipped for $17 onto some upper end service that allows me to call anywhere in Mexico, all of CA, and the US. The calls were crystal clear. I bought $17 worth of saldo, and talked until Tepic, where I bought another $17, part of which I still have. Did I mention that the phone roams in the US ???

    This was a great deal for me, as I was able to keep in touch with both Nicaragua and the US for a very reasonable cost. One of the problems of driving is, I'm out of touch with Nicaragua, and only can talk to the US for $2 /minute, which adds up quickly. So, with my Claro illimitado illiminado service in Nicaragua, the Telcel connection, and whatever pre=pay I finally decide on in the US, I am pretty well covered. Three chips to juggle, but nothing is perfect.

    This trip took exactly a week, thanks to some dawdling in Tapachula at that big WalMart mall; a night in Arriaga talking to some of the riders on La Bestia; Mezcal time south of Oaxaca, the free road from Tepic to Mazatlan through Tequila (not shrimp season or I would have lost some more time there). All in all a good trip, no problem crossing into the US in my CR car, didn't even want to see my documents other than passport, the car is in the computer. He entered my CR plate, checked the last four of the VIN, and "Welcome Back!"

    Pics: An unusual snow in Tucson greeted my return; Tres Mujeres claims to be the best tequila in the world. Is that one of the Tres Mujeres? I smiiled as I downed my free tragos. La Bestia, me ready to ride with my coffee, but neglected the bug repellant and got eaten up; Chilo and Obed, young guy from Managua trying to raise some money to continue his journey north; old guy is a guatemalteco who rides back and forth, was heading home to Guate city for Christmas. Claimed the stories of danger were exagerated, that it was more of a miserable trip than a dangerous one. Both claimed that they hadn't eaten that day ; the blesings that followed my acknowledgement of the fact seemed, well, rehearsed.

    hotel I always stay at in Tepic, and I always overnight in Tepic. Can't recommend it highly enough. Snicker's Bar pastry from the hotel coffee shop. You won't see this sign in NicaLand. Other than at a handful of places (like PriceSmart),, if you bought it,, it's yours. Enjoy!
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    John, how does the Carlo ilimitado service work?

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    Claro phone gets messages in the States so I am guessing there is some way to use it there. Going to the Claro office and asking how is another thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikeh View Post
    John, how does the Carlo ilimitado service work?
    I pay something like $18 /month and can talk or message as much as I want.
    It's postpay, I get a monthly bill via internet (house bill for for phone and internet generally doesn't show up, but I wait five days and then take my Claro cell bill down to the office and pay them both).

    It's worked out so well, that I split the cost of the service with my housekeeper and farm manager. THEY got a promotional deal, could receive Emails included in the price. I don't know if that was for the length of the contract, or just a short initial period.

    As CookShow has pointed out, some of the Claro people are worthless, but not all. There is an old lady in Condega who just takes up space, but a younger girl also who knows what is availabe and takes pride in her job.
    Really, the story of Nicaragua in a nutshell.

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    Aha -- now I see the route!

    Um, Jonh, jefe, well, the search functions are seriously quebrado!
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