Im selling one of my motos. The reason for the sale is because it was my wifes and she got a new one. Works excellent, never had problems really. Never put stickers, or our name plastered on the side, or vinyl or anything like that, so its just like it was when it was new. Never been in an accident, so its never been repaired, or rebuilt, etc. In really good condition. Especially considered we live in Managua.
Its got a slew of new things. New mirrors, new battery, new brakes, new foot pegs, new bulbs, etc. The back tire is about 6 months old. The bike has all the legal paperwork (we get pulled over multiple times a week, and never had anything wrong with it). Its got the road sticker, the circulation, insurance for another few months. Its registered in a local friends name, so if you are foriegn, you are set to go and its all done. If you are local and want to put it in your name, thats no problem too.
I live in central Managua, but if you pay for gas im sure i could deliver it anywhere. i like road trips.

Its a 2013, and it has 14,000kms