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Thread: Need Advice

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    Hope all goes well.

    Steps are still a work in progress ...."wood soon come mon.... boat soon reach"
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Corn Tom View Post
    Steps are still a work in progress ...."wood soon come mon.... boat soon reach"
    Hope Mariano takes some good pics, looking forward to the finished product.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Little Corn Tom View Post
    I know that what I am about to post is vague but here goes.

    I always assumed that I would apply for pensionado status and move to Little Corn.

    However, I recently married Maria, who has dual citizenship (USA/Nicaragua).

    Maria does not have a current cedula, though she is a citizen of Nicaragua and USA. Plus, she has an established Nicaraguan bank account.

    Would it be easier and less expensive for us to get her cedula updated and for me to obtain dual citizenship status through her?

    What advantages and disadvantages are there to this arrangement vs. pensionado status?

    Note that I do not intend to import a car or lots of furniture from the US, so some of those pensionado benefits do not have much value to me. Mostly, I want to travel at MY pace and not have to worry about every 90 day trips to CR. (This would also allow more time in The Port to visit my with bud Donistan.)

    Hope this is clear.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
    Tom, I am roughly in the same position in which you find yourself, and have consulted many experts (including informal discussions with high-ranking employees of the Nicaragua Immigration Directorate), and based on what I have been told, I expect that it will far easier, less expensive and much less stressful for you to apply as a pensionado than as the spouse of a Nicaraguan citizen.

    If you apply as the spouse of a Nicaraguan citizen, you may have to prove that your spouse has a sufficient income from her Nicaraguan-declared earnings alone to support you, regardless of your personal non-Nicaraguan-source financial resources. As a result, your application will be subject to the personal assessment of Nicaraguan civil servants who work for Intur and Immigration about whether the Nicaraguan-source income which your spouse is generating is sufficient to support you. In my experience, putting your faith in the subjective assessment of any bureaucrats anywhere, and especially in Nicaragua today, is a recipe for melancholy.

    On the other hand, applying as a pensionado is pretty well cut and dried. Prove that you are drawing a pension from outside the country worth more than $600 per month, and make sure that all your paperwork is submitted in a meticulous manner, and you are in. It is a straightforward process.

    Conversely, if you gain residency as the spouse of a Nicaraguan citizen, your Class One cedula would function the same as a work permit -- basically, you would be permitted to hold down a regular job the same as any Nicaraguan citizen, except that you would not be able to get a civil service job. Also, your ability to establish and operate a business would not be subject to the same crippling legal and banking restrictions which apply to pensionista business operators (which many pensionsitas ignore and get away with, and good luck to them since doing so exposes them to the eventual risk that someone will eventually find about it and use it to blackmail the shit out of them).

    Since you apparently do not intend to become a Nicaraguan wage slave, import a car and lots of furniture from the US, or throw yourself heart and soul and hands-on into operating a business in Nicaragua, the tax stuff is basically irrelevant.

    Nonetheless. I do strongly encourage you to review this information with an independent Nicaraguan immigration expert who has a consistent and lengthy track record of success and comes highly recommended for honesty and diligence and customer service. Whatever you do, do not rely much on information and advice provided to you directly by front-line employees of Intur and Immigration. Remember in all your dealings with them that they are paid about $200 per month, move their lips when they read documents written in Spanish, and really couldn´t care less whether you live or die.

    One caveat: Pensionistas who build residences can reclaim the IVA on construction materials, which amounts to 15%. Most pensionistas who have been through this experience say that the bureaucratic bullshit they had to put up with did not justify the savings. This is something you should talk about with a professional advisor.
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