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    One of the Cargo ships that makes the weekly trip over with supplies had a malfunction of some sort on this weeks trip over. Much of the Cargo down in the hold got well wetted, including but not limited to 200 sacks of cement, Flour, Sugar, Rice, you name it, all kinds of things that most people prefer sans Seawater.

    They usually leave out on Saturday nights but yesterday was word that the damaged goods were still in the boat as no one would accept delivery, so their departure was up in the air.

    When I built my house there were very limited materials as there was a good bit of construction going on. Literally you had to already have Concrete, Blocks, and Rod engaged before it ever reached or you would not have for the following week. Something like this could put your building project on a long term hold. The 200 sacks of wetted Concrete were for the road building going on here. Several crews are here from off as well as a lot of big equipment, this accident will certainly put them behind.

    Hard for people to imagine how fragile the supply chain is here on the Coast. Before Xmas the wind had all Boat traffic halted, 1 week without the ships and it took nearly a month for the shops to get back to ¨Normal¨ far as their stock goes. For a week or so it was nearly impossible to find any Chicken on the Island.
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    It's only 385km across the country, paved roads, what's the big deal?

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    Default Re: OOPS..........

    No one has that one tank of gas!
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