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Thread: Virtual mailbox Service

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    Default Virtual mailbox Service

    I’ve been trying to decide which online mail service to use. Any recommendations?

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    Default Re: Virtual mailbox Service

    I have seen advertisements for these services but never talked to anyone using them. Hope someone chimes in, always been curious about them. Do know people that use Nica Box. You have mail sent to a address in Miami and it is sent on to MGA by air. Think they used to also have an office in SJDS. The virtual service would be a lot easier for those living outside of MGA.
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    Default Re: Virtual mailbox Service

    Quote Originally Posted by Franck Woodman View Post
    I’ve been trying to decide which online mail service to use. Any recommendations?

    I've been using USPS and Correos Nicaragua. Be nice to the staff and don't assume that they love or hate you because you're a gringo, and always order packages with full tracking and insurance to keep the US side as well as the Nicaraguan side honest (the Nicaraguans have patiently explained that you want the insurance and full tracking so that things get handled better). As someone who knew about mail theft and non-arrival of packages in the US, I don't assume that English language books that go missing in transit were stolen in Managua.

    I like things that don't require me to go to Managua or be home all day to get. With Correos, I pay the taxes and customs at a bank next to the PO and go back with the receipt and I'm done. If the official government bank is across town, this might be less convenient.
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