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    Any suggestions for a mattress purchase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bradley40550 View Post
    Any suggestions for a mattress purchase.
    I've bought from both Maxi-Pali, they usually have a good selection, and PriceSmart, PriceSmart has top of the line if you want to spend the money.

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    Thanks for that Info KWP... I need me a new one, and can't stand the crap they sell on time here even at the very best of them
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    Go to oriental. The indufoam deluxe is a really nice bed. A queen is about 8,000 cords. Its got a built in mattress pad top.

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    As mentioned, go to the oriental and haggle, haggle, haggle. One tip, if you buy from the Oriental you can usually get delivery included fairly reasonably in the price. If you do opt for delivery do pay everything up front, pay half upon receipt.


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