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Thread: Truck / Car question from another angla

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    Default Truck / Car question from another angla

    I asked this one on Da Fazebook" with no answer...

    Anyone know. or know where I could ask??


    The subject of someone bringing a vehicle on a tourist visa has been covered quite well - 30 days for the vehicle, 90 days for the tourist. Vehicle must leave with 30 days or pay fines and possibly be impounded.
    Two questions I have not seen broached are ...
    1) If a Resident brings in a foreign plated vehicle (Canadian, Ontario) how long can it stay?
    a) Owner - Canadian passport - Canadian citizen - Nicaraguan born Celdula.
    ` b) Owner - Canadian passport - Canadian citizen - Nicaraguan resident card holder (Not pension)
    and on the flip side
    2) Should a Nicaragua plated vehicle travel to Canada or the US how long can that vehicle remain in the US or Canada?
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    Default Re: Truck / Car question from another angla

    I can answer part of it. Tourist vehicle is tourist ve.hicle. Doesn't matter where it is from. My car was CR plated so was not so was tourist.

    30 days plus 30 day renewal in MGA. Car does not have to be there. After that, leaves the country.
    You can just turn it, but if you go south your tourist visa gets re-upped as well.

    Car gets re-upped in Honduras but you do not. Going north you supposedly have to go to Mexico to re-up. In past there was some discretion and probably still is.

    Nicas cannot drive drive tourist vehicles. Vehicle is subject to immediate seizure. Fine is small, but vehicle has to proceed to closest aduana point sos other fee might apply. Happened to me.

    So 30 + 30 then leave. Crossing to CR is easy and if vehicle is plated OTHER than CR no bus ticket or other proof of exit is needed.

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