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Thread: Laws regarding CB radios 26.9650 MHz to 27.4050 MHz

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    Default What are the laws regarding CB radios 26.9650 MHz to 27.4050 MHz?

    I was told by a Nica friend who is in the US Army that they are illegal. He did say that he smuggled one down to Nicaragua a few years back and could hear all types of air traffic on it at his house in Managua lol. My wife who was in the PN in Masaya said that they used CB radios. She also told me that it is illegal to use the police channels but doesn't know which ones those are (she is a real Nica and is all about her cellular!)Is it legal to operate on 26.9650 MHz to 27.4050 MHz in Nicaragua? Are those frequencies used by the PN in Managua or do they use VHF radio?

    I love CB radio. It is a great weak signal radio and a great bang for your buck. When I move to Nicaragua full time I would like to stick it to Claro and Movistar (for their 5 cordoba a minute price) and have a CB in my truck so that when I am at the Rancho I can radio my wife at the compound. I would also like to walk around town with a handheld CB.
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