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Thread: Perfect Nicaragua Car - What Is Your Take ?

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    Default Perfect Nicaragua Car - What Is Your Take ?

    Clearly, a pickup with an open bed has more uses, AND keeps the riders (and their pigs and chickens, hopefully in sacks) you pick up OUT of the cab.

    Urban dwellers probably won't relate to the above, but in rural Nicaragua where buses are infrequent people depend on rides from neighbors.

    "Dar Ray?" I ask Ariana. She scrutinizes the potential passenger . . . "No me gusta la mujer", rural Nicaragua is rife with petty rivalry and chisme.
    A ride, especially when carrying a sack and leading a couple of small kids, and uphill, is a big deal. It's chance for the woman to get off her feet.
    For the kids, it's the circus. And often, I even have cookies in the car.

    If you have an enclosed vehicle with cloth seats, keeping it clean becomes a full time job.

    Adding to the advantage of a pickup is, you don't actually have to stop to embark and disembark passengers, unless, of course, abuela is part of the group.

    Simply slowing down allows the riders to climb aboard or get off,,, and a slap on the side of the bed, or on the cab indicates a desire to get down, with a shouted:

    Aquí no mas! Gracias!

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    Default Re: Perfect Nicaragua Car - What Is Your Take ?

    At's the way we roll in Nicaragua....

    Well stated post...
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...

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