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Thread: Oil glut = cheap gas

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    Default Oil glut = cheap gas

    Since friggin' fracking turned the world's petroleum markets upside down (the USA now exports what its Dept of Energy once held in "Strategic Reserve") the price of gas has dropped. I just filled my tank for $1.939/gal. That's 14.1 cords/L. I recall it being like 31 cords/L ($4.26/gal) when I left Nicaragua a month or so ago.

    In Venezuela (Nica's petro partner) gas is under 6 cents/gal. They can drive in circles, but can't buy anything. (Does it clean better than toilet paper? Only for non-smoking crappers.)
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    Default Re: Oil glut = cheap gas

    Is the price for gasoline dropping in Nicaragua?
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    Default Re: Oil glut = cheap gas

    yeah, a little. It was just over 31 cords for super/pro/plus a couple months ago. Now its down to 24-26 depending where you fill up at.

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