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Thread: arts and crafts store in nicaragua?

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    Default arts and crafts store in nicaragua?

    Anyone know of a good one? i know it doesnt seem that most people on here would be into too much artsy fartsy type stuff, but maybe someone has an idea.
    a hobby lobby with variety, or local niche shop for quality, either one works.
    I know there are plenty of Librerias, which have your very basic school art supply stuff. there are the markets, which generally have low quality stuff, and are very hit or miss anyway. Find something you like, chances are they wont have the exact same thing again next time you go back.

    so long shot in the dark, but anyone know somewhere? My wife would be very grateful to find something.

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    Default Re: arts and crafts store in nicaragua?

    Might try Centro Commercial Mall, think that is the name, the older strip mall. Been a few years but I remember seeing a place selling art supplies, some fabric stores, etc. Hodge Podge of shops there.
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    Default Re: arts and crafts store in nicaragua?

    You might want to check out Gonper librerias they tend to carry oil and acrylic paints with a range of different quality brushes. They also carry several types of art paper and various art supplies. There are several store in Managua.

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    Default Re: arts and crafts store in nicaragua?

    yeah. been to both.
    Centro comercial has a lot of shops, but they are basically the markets, in traditional "mall" type setting. Havent really found anything there that you cant find in the market with a little time spent looking. I do like it though because its much easier than wading through crowds at Oriental trying to find things.

    Gonper is good for basic things, but it doesnt really seem like an artist store. they seem to mostly focus on school and office supplies. they have the basics for paints and brushes, and its where my wife goes to get those things. Seems to be the best place in town, at least that we have found so far. But i wouldnt call their inventory expansive or professional really. not much for crafts, like metals, wire beads, leathers, whatever.

    thanks though!

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    Default Re: arts and crafts store in nicaragua?

    Ask the hippie-types that sell their self-made jewelry in the central parks of Granada & Leon.

    Searched "MATERIALES PARA BELLAS ARTES en MANAGUA". A few hits from directories that may be useful:

    Rotonda El Güegüense 2c Al Lago 1c Al Oe 75vrs Al

    Cruz Roja Villa Don Bosco 3c Al Oe 2c Al S, D-103

    Estación 2 Polícia 5 1/2c Al Oe No.3

    Carret Masaya Km 8 1/2 Repto El Mirador

    LIBRERÍA MINERVA (505) 2783248
    Km 4 1/2 Carret a Masaya Domino's Pizza 1c Arriba | Managua, Managua

    LIBRERÍA POPULAR (505) 2704373
    Mcdo Roberto Huembes Librería Pop | Managua, Managua

    LIBRERÍA APOLO (505) 2661053
    Esquina Opuesta a Canal 2, Bolonia | Managua, Managua
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