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Thread: Thanksgiving in Granada

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    Default Thanksgiving in Granada

    This is the 1st time in 21 years that I've been on my own for Thanksgiving... so I organized a great group of some serious foodie friends to celebrate the holiday. Here are some pix from our day at a friend's house.

    The spread... pork loin with cornbread dressing, macaroni and cheese with bacon, veggies in vinaigrette, mashed potatoes with sauteed oyster mushrooms and thyme, sage and garlic gravy, vegetable terrine, bacon and Boursin cheese-stuffed mushrooms, and cranberry chutney... everyone brought out their A game today... for sure!!!

    Looks like us girls were up to something... one friend said no pix..

    Yep, I loaded my plate!!

    Lime mousse cheesecake shooter.

    Not a bad place to hang out for the holiday!
    "Patience is a virtue, but persistence to the point of success is a blessing."

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    Default Re: Thanksgiving in Granada


    is all I can say.

    Yesterday was the first Thanksgiving in years that Shelley didn't cook.
    We went out to what we through was going to be a great dinner at a top Tucson restaurant, but it was only so---so,, despite the $200 tab.
    Shelley kept saying,,,,, "I should have cooked . . ."

    I'm coming to your place next year.

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    Default Re: Thanksgiving in Granada

    Believe I would have killed myself and laid out like a Dead Hog in the Sunshine.....

    WOW what a spread....

    Glad all went well and sad I was not there to make comments and git everyone a laughing at this Redneck.... And partook of the fine looking feast...

    Bless the Meat and Darn the Skin... Back ya Ears and Cram it in....
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...

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