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Thread: A guy trained his dog to dive for lobsters

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    Default A guy trained his dog to dive for lobsters

    ok, cool video, however:

    How many times have you see a lobster walking across open white sand in daylight?

    That lobster swims 100x faster than that dog. Why doesn't he move?

    I say: the guy in the boat caught him, half-way wrung the tale so the frontend is alive with the legs extended. Then was placed on the bottom by the camera man. Cool video but not really different than a dog diving up a tennis ball from a pool bottom. Which my dog used to do.

    Now if the dog was going under a ledge and pulling out a thrashing lobster. That would be something!
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    Default Re: A guy trained his dog to dive for lobsters

    Got in a discussion about this a week or so ago and some cunt told me to get a life and it was on a very "Hard Core" Commercial fisherman's closed group. I am an EX-Lobster diver and know this to be staged BS.

    The dog was just great in it, I must admit he was the winner in all of this. But that basturd Treehugging secondgrade mentality that staged it hoping to fool John Q. Public with a Lobster that was Purdy near "Graveyard Dead" needs his ass kicked till his nose bleeds.....

    Three Cheers for the Labrador Dog....
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