A Warning ShotI wish I had not done

One trip yearsago on the boat leaving out of Beaufort to shrimp the Pamlico Sound that week; Whenwe got to Bluff Shoal and started putting the rigs out on the ends of theOutriggers a small sickly dock cat ran out from them up to the bow of the boat.

I didn’tthink the cat was gone make it to be honest and my wife who was on the boat atthe time nursed that cat back to health. When we got back in the cat didn’twant to get off the boat. I put the cat back on the dock in good health when weleft out on another trip.

I am notreally a cat lover, I condone them, they have their mission in the scheme ofthings is all to me.

Over thelast year I have had no less than 6 kittens at different times killed by a Feralwildass cat inside my home. They get in somehow or another and with ExtremePredijuce kill them.

I nailed twoabout 10 months ago with my daughters BB gun. Took me 10 times in the head tokill one of them. But that one ran out of lives on the 10th BB to it’s head insidethe house.

I thought I wasfinished with the problem. I was until lately.

I am not acat lover, but where I am if I keep a cat or two in my home I am not botheredwith rats a coming around. My ‘ole farmer grandmother used to say if ya hadcats rats could smell them, sensed danger and would go find another place tocarry their vermin and sicknesses.

So I want mea cat or two in the house to this end. I put up with potty training them, allya have to do is find out where they like to shit and put there a pan with somedirt in it.. Simple, and keep food and water in their bowls.

I got up 3nights ago about 1:30 AM to take a leak as it habit with me from my days atsea. I turned on the outside lights and opened my second story bedroom winderto look around.

And therenot 40 feet away down on my cement patio was one of them Feral cats, a big ‘olethang with a crooked tail. The lights was in his eyes and I was gone do it tohim right then and there with my new very strong Pellet Rifle.

SOB was alaying there in wait. Got out the rifle and loaded it and thought to myself, I oughtto give this cat a Warning shot instead. I lowered the sights from between hiseyes and fired into the cement to spray him with fragged lead and chips ofcement.

He did puthis ass in the “Do Let’s Go” on that one, I meant to tell ya. He had all fourof them paws a digging ground and kicking up grass like a 4 wheel drive at amud bogging contest. That ‘ole knotted tail just waving at me like a surrenderflag.

I laughed tomyself and put the rifle up and went on back to sleep. Now I wish I hadn’t doneit. Got in my home last night and this morning there in the Galley Floor lay mydead kitten.

I will gethim, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth and a feral cat for a kitten. The thangof it is is that here kittens are a bit hard to come by.