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    Default Fishing Guide

    Giant Tarpon & Snook on quiet Jungle River Fresh Water
    All Inclusive Fishing trips, Rio San Juan Nicaragua
    Special High Season 2016 January till June

    What Guest say upon my All Inclusive Fishing Trips....
    Stuart and Scot Wolcott (USA) 5 Days All inclusive Fishing trip 1st October...Tarpon, Snook & Rainbow Bass..
    The guides were excellent, despite the language limitations. We managed just fine, caught great fish, and they were very attentive. Whatever we wanted, even if it was out of their comfort zone. I think they tried very hard to make the most enjoyable trip for us and were willing to take whatever time was required. Probably more than we could deal with !
    The most humbling experience was when Alexandro gave a snook to a native hand casting on the river bank in a canoe. And then her 4 children popped up out of the vegetation. I suspect she was desperately trying to catch those panfish - mojarro ? - for food, but her smile said she was overwhelmed by the bigger fish. A huge humanitarian gesture which we both respected and were impressed by. Very cool. So we ended up giving away a couple more at our insistence and hope we did not steal their dinner at the lodge.
    Your main guide and lodge man is very good - very customer and service oriented. Whatever it takes. Very attentive to our needs. and the food was excellent. Need work on bread (we had buttered white hot dog rolls ?) but apparently that is a tough one. My brother suggested he bake it (not good) or get a bread machine to make it....
    Cannot solve your wood dilemma but the addition would be very good and make the hotel more profitable.
    Wonderful experience and loved Hotel Saballo despite the early wakeups (which truly paid off). You said to trust you and you were correct. Good food and very nice staff, rooms, customer attention, etc.
    What would I do different ? Stay longer, explore more, catch more fish. We never did get to the fort. I think the boys wanted to fish !
    Your sons were both very nice. Surpised the younger one wanted that long ride, however
    Have a better understanding of your fishing issues now that I have better experienced the tarpon. If you can think of a way to get lures or materials delivered to you at a reasonable cost, besides a direct order and all those taxes you pay, I would be willing to help....
    We are now very much looking forward to seeing Granada - another lodge visitor had just been there and was very complimentary of the city and inexpensive accomodations.
    Sorry to have missed you on the return - but we were well taken care of ....would like to stay in touch for your knowledge and experience of Nicaragua...

    Alex and Greg Steward (Canada) 8 Days All inclusive trip 27 th of November Tarpon snook Fishing
    We made it safely back to Canada, where it is a cool O degrees Celsius with snow on the ground. It is hard to believe we were in Nicaragua only a few days ago.
    Thank you again for the wonderful time. It was one of the most exciting and enjoyable fishing trips we have had, and we have been on quite a few over the last 25 years. Tarpon are our new favorite fish.
    You have a beautiful place and an excellent operation. It was very well organized, which as you know is extremely important when you are travelling with limited time. The guides and staff were very friendly and knowledgeable about the area, the fish, and the local wildlife. Your excellent cooking and great conversations were an added bonus to the whole experience.
    Thanks, hope to be back again.
    It's time to make Reservation for:
    High season 2016 from January till May
    Party from 1 till 12 Anglers are Welcome

    Special offer #1 N6 Package:
    6 days, 5 nights, 4 Fishing days 2 Guests aboard $1975 per Guest, 3 Guests aboard $1700 per Guest

    Special offer #2 N8 Package:
    8days, 7 nights, 6-7 Fishing days.. 2 Guests aboard $2675 per Guest, 3 Guests aboard $2250 per Guest

    Special offer # 3
    New Package FS10, FRESH AND SALT WATER…
    In this new Trip we fish and go all the way Down Rio San Juan...120 Miles
    Going through National Parks... At the end of trip Fishing is also in Caribbean sea…
    120 miles of Fishing & Discovery Adventures… 10 days, 9 Nights, 7-8 Fishing days
    2 Guests aboard $3450 per Guest, 3 Guests aboard $2900 per Guest
    NOTE very important for logistic of this trip FS 10 the NEW AIRPORT is now open in San Juan de Nicaragua
    so Return to Managua (on Thursday and Sunday) is direct with a 1 hour flight included in your Package

    ALL IS INCLUDE: Airport Pick up on arrival, all internal Transfers, all meals, lodging,
    Fishing, Sport fishing boats, 2 pro-guides , all pro Tackles, Licenses, gas, cooler.
    Fishing avalable from 5 am till dark....
    Email Philippe at for detailed Itinerary of each of this all inclusive Packages
    ADITIONAL NOTES upon my All Inclusive Fishing trips
    * Absolutely all is Include except Airport Taxes, Drinks with alcohol, Tips ...
    * We go for Giant Tarpon, Snook & Rainbow bass …
    also Jacks, Wahoo, Baracuda, Spanish Macquerel, when fishing Caribean sea
    * Fishing, is on Quiet Jungle River and Lagoon…Close to shore when at sea
    * Fishing is Aboard T-Top Sport fishing boats.
    * Wild Life, Prime Birding, Discovery, Arts, History…are also part of the trip
    * On arriving We receive our Guests at International Airports of Managua or San Jose…
    * Fishing is Catch & Release IGFA Rules Conventional ( Spining, Trolling , Bait Casting ) or Fly
    * We are the IGFA Weighting station for the area ,Fishing is World Class for Tarpon 90lb – 250lb+, Snook, Rainbow bass, Machaca, ….
    * Jungle River Scenery, Discovery, Arts, History,Birding, and contact with local people are also part of the trip
    *Special Offer on trips N6 , N8, or new Fresh and SaltSF10. Are valid for Trip during high season 2016 January till end of June)
    * Special additional Discount is available for party of more than 6 Anglers
    * Other Packages available… From 3 days 2 Nights till 12 days 11 Nights…

    World Class all Inclusive Fishing trips in Authentic Nicaragua
    Wild life, Rainforest, Birding, history, Arts.... Are also part of the trip

    “Welcome to tarpon Paradise” say Field & Stream Magazine
    in a 6 pages articles upon my Destination and Operation...
    Fishing is Catch and Release IGFA Rules
    We go for Tarpon 90lb 200lb + , Snooks , Rainbow bass, Machaca , Mojara..
    on conventional ( Trolling, Casting, Bait casting...) or Fly.....

    Your Contact: Philippe Tisseaux Turpauld
    E mail
    Phone ( Nicaragua Code: 505 ) 88 49 06 00
    Web page English
    Site Internet Francais
    Stio en Espanol

    Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do.
    So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. Mark Twain
    Life's different here ... It's a whole 'nother pace.

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    Default Re: Fishing Guide

    I like it when the first feller said they gave the woman a fish, and then her children popped up out of the vegetation... I can see that happening and is nice....
    To be called a "Has Been" I must surmise, is much Greater than to be called a "Nevah Been"... JW...

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    Default Re: Fishing Guide

    Those don't look like Lil Corn fishing pics.

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