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Thread: Frijolero Roach Coach = Fantastic Business Opportunity

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    Default Frijolero Roach Coach = Fantastic Business Opportunity

    Get in on the ground floor!!

    Double decker roach coach could be the foundation of your new retirement portfolio.

    Saw this in Nogales yesterday . . . . Guy was doing quite a business. All the conventional restaurant businesses were slow.
    Saturday evening and we were the only couple in Pancho Villa's.

    Border business is slow on both sides because of the Peso fall.
    I got 17 to the dollar yesterday, it was 13 a couple of years ago.

    Doing well are the many who commute from Nogales, Mexico to work in Nogales, USA, earning the dollars that they convert into pesos.
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    Default Re: Frijolero Roach Coach = Fantastic Business Opportunity

    Pretty well designed, hopefully that deck is mostly aluminum. I wouldn't go around a corner to quickly tho.

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    Default Re: Frijolero Roach Coach = Fantastic Business Opportunity

    Don't think that you are going to take long road trips with it.
    Hopefully, he has load range E tires. That's a lot of extra weight.

    My idea was, take it to local baseball games they have on Sundays, any number of festivals, like dia de los muertos, front of the hospital, always a crowd,, front of the transito, people are in line all day.
    Clearly, it would be a chore to button up and move, so you want to minimize that.

    The novelty of it would bring in customers.

    Interestingly, this kind of truck can still come into Nicaragua older than ten years. They cut off the older pickup deal, and buses too cannot be any older than ten years.

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